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Per Gahrton

Valentin Sevéus

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Utgivningsår: 2013
Storlek: 148x210 mm
Antal sidor: 278
ISBN10: 91-978864-6-7
ISBN13: 978-91-978864-6-8








Of Per Gahrton it can truly be said that he has made a serious effort to clean up some of the mess in our world. He outlined the idea of a new party challenging the traditional five in the Swedish parliament, leaving his seat for the Swedish Liberals and becoming one of the founders in 1981 of the Green Party (Miljöpartiet de gröna). He later served the new party in the Swedish and European Parliaments.

The tireless dedication of Per Gahrton to the betterment of our world now covers seven decades. Colleagues and friends in Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Egypt, England and Germany, together with Swedes of many backgrounds, contribute to this book of varied perspectives.