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Stress Reflexes reflecting and affecting Perception of Life Stress Reflexes reflecting and affecting Perception of Life

Stress Reflexes reflecting and affecting Perception of Life

Staffan Garpebring

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Utgivningsår: 2010
Storlek: 130x200 mm
Antal sidor: 90
ISBN10: 91-86193-41-4
ISBN13: 978-91-86193-41-6


”Personal growth and personal change are enhanced by greater knowledge, understanding of one’s thoughts and feelings and by testing alternative behaviours.
Staffan Garpebring presents his FRAMES theory in this important book on how to deal with stress and so called mind traps.
The FRAMES model eloquently breaks down the change process into understandable and practical parts both for the helper and the client. Applying this model will help to break disruptive patterns that lead to stress reactions and aid the path towards calmness and better mental health”.
John Steinberg, Ph.D.
Author of 40 books in the behavioural sciences.

Tunnel vision and selective hearing operate when we experience psychological stress and distort the flow of information from our senses and our “mental flow”.
“What if…?” – The vicious circles that take place between worrying thought and stress reflexes in the body can damage our health. Distraction, irritation, loss of memory, listlessness and insomnia make things even worse. As a result high blood-pressure, palpitations, breathing difficulties, sore muscles headache, upset stomach and other psychosomatic complaints can afflict the body.
The book provides both therapist and patient (client) with the tools to analyze the body-mind relationship, especially when dysfunctional stress reflexes are involved.

Staffan Garpebring
is a psychologist with nearly 40 years’ experience in different fields of practice and is currently active in the primary health-car sector.