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Namaste: Awakening the power of presence Namaste: Awakening the power of presence

Namaste: Awakening the power of presence

Anette Carlström

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Utgivningsår: 2010
Storlek: 148x210 mm
Antal sidor: 372
ISBN10: 91-86409-37-9
ISBN13: 978-91-86409-37-1


In ”Namaste” Anette Carlström takes us on a journey in the secrets of life’s mysteries and the sacred seated truths that are hidden in our everyday living. Her direct intention is to give you an intimate and unequivocal experience of your own inner joy and peace as each word permeates the reader into the Power of Presence.
Anette takes us deeply into the mechanisms and interrelatedness of the nervous system and mind function; through emotions, feelings and the exploration of subjects like love, suffering, forgiveness, Oneness and Grace. The relationship between Body, Mind / Spirit is further integrated as she focuses on the importance of nutrition, diet and its effect on our consciousness as a pathway for inner beauty and balance. Included in her journey are allegoric short stories and fables that offer the reader a profound connection into the Light and Joy of being in awareness. You are given many practical tools and guided exercises to free the thoughts and let love move you into a higher consciousness – step by step.

Anette Carlström
A mother of two children, Anette also runs an alternative medicine clinic in Helsingborg, Sweden, where she resides. Anette travels the world; Russia, UK, Scotland, Italy, Holland, India, Japan, Hawaii, the U.S. sharing her experiences and the phenomenon of the Oneness Experience. She offers workshops to move deeply into your own presence of divine connection and concerts, chanting devotional songs designed to give the Experience of Oneness.
In her first book “From the Heart” she describes the overwhelming experience of an awakening and what it has meant for her life.