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This is my life, an immigrant In Brazil This is my life, an immigrant In Brazil

This is my life, an immigrant In Brazil

Ambrogio Gaigher

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Utgivningsår: 2010
Storlek: 148x210 mm
Antal sidor: 264
ISBN10: 91-633-6062-4
ISBN13: 978-91-633-6062-6


Who is Ambrogio Gaigher?

The author was born in northern Italy. His father died in a train accident when Ambrogio was seven years old. Soon after his father’s death the Second World War began which Ambrogio experienced at close quarters to the Nazi terror. At the age of twenty-one he immigrated to Brazil as he was out of work and his family forbade him to marry his great love of youth.
In Brazil, Ambrogio first worked as a mechanic and made many inventions ending in several patents. For an international patent, he was kidnapped. Later he became involved in the restaurant business and the music began to take more and more of his time. He recorded Brazilian country (sertaneja) as soloist on Hawaii guitar and made numerous appearances in Brazilian radio and television.
Ambrogio has worked persistently and struggled against diseases. But he has always continued in a good mood, purposefulness and with a positive attitude to life.
This self-biography is a wonderful story about a man with a quite extraordinary destiny. Ambrogio brings forward a life force that beats most things.

A fascinating course of life!


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