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The Mind re-Minder The Mind re-Minder

The Mind re-Minder

Kurt Qvist

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Utgivningsår: 2004
Storlek: 120x190 mm
Antal sidor: 98
ISBN10: 91-974975-0-9
ISBN13: 978-91-974975-0-3


Mind is the creator of well being (and suffering) and also the organ experiencing this well being.
The Mind re-Minder tells how mind works. Here is the direct way to well being.
The main point is: By doing quite a simple thing putting mind in focus in all our activities life becomes easier and richer in all dimensions.
It is like magic. Eventually it can lead to enlightenment.
This book is mainly about a mechanism in mind called grasping and fixating. This mechanism produces a distorted and coarse image of reality. But this can be avoided.
It is an easy to read book: Mind minding for beginners.

Kurt Qvist, born in 1942, has worked as a journalist in Sweden since 1965. From 1980 he has studied yoga and eastern knowledge about mind as found in Hinduism, Buddhism and particularly in different Tibetan traditions. The book The Mind re-Minder is written as a complement to the information on the Internet site