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The Fry who loved me The Fry who loved me

The Fry who loved me

Fredrike Lantz

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Utgivningsår: 2003
Storlek: 130x210 mm
Antal sidor: 157
ISBN10: 91-631-4339-9
ISBN13: 978-91-631-4339-7


"The story you’re about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Well, I didn’t actually change any names... but if I say I did, you’ll think I did so I won’t really have to, right?

I moved to a medium-sized city - never mind which, suffice to say that it was a good city for celebrity-spotting and the occasional daily vodka (which is to say, occasionally I only had one daily) - to look for my lost brother. I found myself a decent guy to live with, a favorite hangout and cable TV (cable guy not included, but somehow always present).

My little oasis of tranquility was, however, about to be bulldozed to the ground, paved over and turned into a parking garage, and it all started when my boyfriend got obsessed with blue and I happened to punch a corporate president in the face."

Readers beware, Norma Jean's story is the full Monty and contains alcohol, soaps, scented foam baths, a bagpipe named Maggie, a lover who wasn’t, extreme amounts of controlled substances, tarot readers, illegal clubs, stolen motorcycles (well, only one), jail time, networking, a Scottish freeloader and stolen telephones.

And just when you think that things just couldn’t get any worse... why wouldn’t they?

Fredrike Lantz föddes i Stockholm 1970 och har av någon anledning alltid återvänt dit när världen har styrt hennes steg åt andra håll. Bland annat Trosa, Brunflo, Malmö och Amsterdam har stått på hennes flyttkort. "The Fry Who Loved Me" är hennes första roman. För tillfället fördelar hon sin tid mellan Stockholm och Amsterdam; huvudsakligen studerar hon retorik i Stockholm och arbetar under lediga stunder på sin andra roman.

De tre mest troliga sakerna du ser henne bära på är en kaffekopp, en anteckningsbok och en digitalkamera; dock inte samtidigt. (Skulle du mot förmodan se henne faktiskt bära alla tre sakerna, kittla henne då inte. Snälla.)


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