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The caravan calls The caravan calls The caravan calls

The caravan calls

Hansjoachim von der Esch

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Utgivningsår: 2007
Storlek: 130x210 mm
Antal sidor: 426
ISBN10: 91-89370-56-2
ISBN13: 978-91-89370-56-2


Herr von der Esch is rather a mystery man. He is a German from Wurtemberg about thirty six years old. He served in the German army during the War and was one of the first Germans to go to Oxford again after the war. He was at the “House” and while there met his future wife, an attractive Swede, who was learning English in north Oxford. His father is still alive and lives in Wurtenberg, but Herr von der Esch does not often go back to Germany…nothing definitely sinister has been discovered about von der Esch. He spends a good deal of his spare time, of which he seems to have a lot, in making motor expeditions to the desert and this fact may explain his participation in the Almasy expedition.