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PGU - Eng. PGU - Eng.

PGU - Eng.

Henrik Rådström & Wilhelm Sandels

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Utgivningsår: 2011
Storlek: 146x180 mm
Antal sidor: 140
ISBN10: 91-7465-257-5
ISBN13: 978-91-7465-257-4


I stand 12 meters from my friend and colleague. I’m wearing a bulletproof vest. A clay pigeon is attached to the vest at my chest. I am staring at the muzzle of my colleague’s pistol. His task is easy. He shall hit the clay pigeon on my chest. Technically the task is very simple. He could make this shot at anytime. I am standing and he pulls the trigger. the clay pigeon is shattered and I recover my breath. This is going fine, but a minor detail remains. Now it’s my turn to shoot a clay pigeon that’s attached to him.

This happened when we visited a foreign anti-terror unit. It was a ritual they wanted to share with us and it was taking us by surprise. But we trusted each other to 100% and carried through the exercise. The task is uncomplicated and clear. But there was no room for mistakes, just as the training and work at the Swedish Police Counter Terrorist Unit (NI).

The exercise with the clay pigeon consists of 20% shooting and 80% PGU. the PGU was the fundament at the Swedish Police Counter Terrorist Unit during endless hours at the shooting range as well as tactics exercises with the selected colleagues. Failure was not an option, it would mean that one of us could be injured or killed.

PGU is about how to create effective organizations were the employees resolve their tasks. We have learned it at work in life-and-death situations. Now we are ready to share this knowledge.