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Learn and act with study circles Learn and act with study circles

Learn and act with study circles

Henry Blid

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Utgivningsår: 2000
Storlek: 165x242 mm
Antal sidor: 193
ISBN10: 91-631-0377-X
ISBN13: 978-91-631-0377-3


"If I wish to succeed in bringing a person towards a certain goal, I must first find him where he is and begin exactly there. The one who cannot do this, is duping himself when believing that he can help others. In order to help someone I must truely understand more than him, but first of all understand what he understands. If I am not able to do this. it will not help if I can and know more. If I still want to show how much I can, this is because I am conceited and arrogant and really want to be praised by the other one instead of helping him. All true willingness to help begins with humility before the one I want to help and thus I must understand that this help is not a wish to dominate but a wish to serve.
If I am not able to do this, nor can I help someone."

Sören Kirkegaard