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Ergonomic guitar technique - Joakim Zelmerlööw Ergonomic guitar technique Ergonomic guitar technique

Ergonomic guitar technique

Joakim Zelmerlööw

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Utgivningsår: 2009
Storlek: 209x297 mm
Antal sidor: 216
ISBN10: 91-633-0709-6
ISBN13: 978-91-633-0709-6


The method Ergonomic guitar technique takes the individual behind the instrument as its starting point, thus creating a technique that makes the best use of the human resources. The method deals not only with the guitar technique, but also discusses the playing in relation to physical and psychological well-being. Injuries and tensions can often be a serious impediment to a guitar player's development and progress, and may in some cases totally ruin the joy of playing. These injuries are the effects of the way in which we use our body and mind during playing, but can be avoided through a greater understanding and knowledge of the physical effects of guitar playing.
Psychological factors, such as stress and heavy demands, may have a negative influence on both learning ability and the way in which the player relates to his or her progress as a musician. The Ergonomic guitar technique therefore aims to gain an understanding of our way of thinking and how we can adapt our playing, body and mind to one another in a positive way.

This is a translated and revised edition that, among other supplements such as the right and left hand exercises by Mauro Giuliani, also features the collection of caprices Capricci Dinamarca op 7.

"I'll go straight to the point: this book [the first edition, in Swedish] is a must for all guitarists. No guitar teacher who is serious about his or her teaching can do without this book. It should immediately be introduced as mandatory study literature for guitar students studying at music colleges, folk high-schools, and upper secondary schools. It's definitely the most important book about guitar technique in Swedish, and internationally I cannot think of many books that are as larded with knowledge and insightful insights regarding the three main areas covered in this book."

Mårten Falk, Guitar & Lute Magazine, 2006

"An exhaustive look at guitar playing, not for anyone wanting short-cuts or a casual ride up Olympus. When one sees the guitar laid out in a volume such as this, one is made aware of just why it is rated as 'the' hardest instrument of all in so many lands. And there is another side of this. To remedy faults in your playing or at least make a start on investigating what may be wrong then a book like this, without a tutor, is invaluable. Recommended."

Neil Smith, Classical Guitar Magazine, August 2009


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