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Beyond the horizon - Catrin Andersson Beyond the horizon Beyond the horizon

Beyond the horizon

Catrin Andersson

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Utgivningsår: 2010
Storlek: 210x148 mm
Antal sidor: 110
ISBN10: 91-633-6674-6
ISBN13: 978-91-633-6674-1


Svalbard is a small island in the middle of the Arctic Sea close to the North Pole. The largest community Longyearbyen is the most northern community in the world. In the beginning of November the sun sets for the last time and the island goes into a period of total darkness - the polar nights, which lasts for 4 months. During the old days the island laid in total isolation when the sea froze and no ship was able to disembark. The period of polar night can trigger depression in some people. People who su er from seasonal a ective disorder are particularly susceptible to these conditions. The polar night may also be implicated in some instances of Solipsism syndrome. This psychiatric condition is characterised by a detachment from reality - a state of mind in which a person begins to feel that all reality is internal and remainder of the perceived universe is unreal or only exists in a dream state.