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Anecdotes - Joachim Colling Anecdotes Anecdotes


Joachim Colling

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Utgivningsår: 2009
Storlek: 148x210 mm
Antal sidor: 220
ISBN10: 91-633-5063-7
ISBN13: 978-91-633-5063-4


I was born 1927 in Berlin, Germany.
195l I came to Sweden where I have lived since.
At first I worked as a building engineer.
Later I started a small company: Collings Systems.
During the 70th I was politically interested in local government
and became the first immigrant mayor of Botkyrka
a municipality in Sweden, South of Stockholm,
of about 70 000 inhabitants
During the 80th I was Chief of Tourism of Botkyrka.
Already during the 70th I became interested in
BBS´s and computer communication activities.
During the earlier days of the Internet
I became interested in Genealogy and started the
Rootweb Mailing List for the Colling Family Name
for which I have been the moderator since.
Through this list I have come in contact with many
interesting Collings – from history and from today.
Collings do not have to be related because the name is generic.
But there were many on the list who wondered who I was.
Thus I wrote these Anecdotes -
even if my life has not been so interesting as others.