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The 2:19 Blues The 2:19 Blues

The 2:19 Blues

Peter Winberg

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Utgivningsår: 2014
Storlek: 185x225 mm
Antal sidor: 68
ISBN10: 91-7465-641-4
ISBN13: 978-91-7465-641-1

This discography is compiled and dedicated to Jack Lidström and the Hep Cats. It will also fill a gap in the trade of traditional jazz. Jack Lidström is a legendary trumpeter in the field of traditional jazz in Sweden and once called »The Traditional King of Sweden«. He is still, after 66 years, leader of the Hep Cats, the band he started as far back as 1947. It is something of a record.
   This discography has been compiled for the purpose of cataloguing Jack Lidström’s musical work from the start in 1947 up till today. It will also give the well-established collector as well as the inexperienced newcomer the opportunity to pinpoint the material he owns in his collection and also the many new items he may discover.
   Jack Lidström and the Hep Cats are unique in their chosen genre. There is probably no other band which so congenially combines the expressiveness of classic jazz with a vivacious swing composition, a style originally inspired by legends like Eddie Condon and most notably Louis Armstrong. The band’s recipe for creating swing is singular, with that special »Hep Cats’ sound«, the genuine blues feeling and Jacks characteristic way of »dragging« the beat to accentuate rhythm and balance for good timing.
   The day Jack Lidström and the Hep Cats eventually will disband, this particular jazz dialect will probably become silent for all eternity. Revival of the style appears to be minimal. Jack Lidström and the Hep Cats may well be the last disciples of this mode of interpreting classic jazz.

This discography is printed in English because Jack Lidström and the Hep Cats have fans all over Europe and even in the USA.