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Gotland University Press 15: Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings

Tor Broström Lisa Nilsen

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Utgivningsår: 2012
Storlek: 179x254 mm
Antal sidor: 266
ISBN10: 91-86343-11-4
ISBN13: 978-91-86343-11-8


Energy Ef?ciency in Historic Buildings

Energy efficiency is an issue that brings the trade-off between aspects of use and preservation to a head. On the one hand, interventions for energy efficiency facilitate long-term use by reducing operating costs; on the other hand, the interventions may have both a physical and a visual impact on the cultural heritage value and the fabric of the building.

In order to promote a sustainable use and preservation of historic buildings, The Swedish Energy Agency instituted a National Research Program for Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings. The Arst stage of the program ran from 2007 to 2010 with a total budget of around 4 million Euro. Additional funding was provided by the Church of Sweden and the National Heritage Board. There were Afteen projects involving some thirty researchers from different Swedish universities and research institutes.

To mark the end of the Arst stage of the national research program the international conference Energy Ef?ciency in Historic Buildings was held in Visby in February 2011. Most of the projects within the program were presented at the conference and international key-note speakers were invited to each session, giving a total of 24 papers. More than one hundred participants, representing ten countries, participated in the conference.